AR 385–10

The Army Safety Program

This rapid action revision, dated 4 October 2011–

o Updates explosives safety program roles and responsibilities (para 1-4).

o Clarifies Army contract safety policy (para 4-2).

o Clarifies Army oversight and inspections of contractor operations (para 4-3).

o Updates explosives safety management policy (para 5-2).

o Establishes requirements for explosives safety management programs (para 5-3).

o Clarifies Army Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Policy (para 11-2).

o Establishes consideration criteria for line-of-duty determinations (para 11- 4a(7)).

o Clarifies criteria for accident avoidance training in the licensing process (para 11-7a(4)).

o Mandates training under the progressive motorcycle program (para 11-7a(5)).

o Establishes requirements for motorcycle sustainment training (para 11-7a(6)).

o Establishes criteria for driver improvement and remedial driver training (para 11-7b).

o Clarifies criteria for civilians and contractors to enter Army installations (para 11-9a(6)).

o Clarifies and sets priority for attending motorcycle training (para 11-9a(7)).

o Defines the progressive motorcycle program (para 11-9b).

o Establishes criteria for Soldiers to operate a motorcycle (para 11-9b(1)).

o Identifies follow-on training for Soldiers operating motorcycles (para 11-9b(2)).

o Identifies acceptable motorcycle training courses for Soldiers operating motorcycles (para 11-9b(3)).

o Identifies and establishes criteria for motorcycle refresher training (para 11-9b(4).

o Establishes criteria for accomplishing motorcycle training (para 11-9b(5)).

o Establishes criteria for completing motorcycle sustainment training (para 11-9b(6)).

o Recommends completion of safety training for all terrain vehicles and offroad motorcycle (para 11-9b(7)).

o Sets command responsibility for wearing personal protective equipment (para 11-9d).

o Identifies required personal protective equipment when operating motorcycles (para 11-9d(1-5)).

o Allows commanders to determine the wear of combat helmets for operating combat vehicles (para 11-9e(1)).

o Establishes criteria for operating other types of motorcycles (para 11-9f).

o Clarifies mishap risk management for biological activities (para 20-4).

o Updates requirements for reviewing biological facilities (para 20-5).

o Clarifies requirements for facility preoperational surveys (para 20-6).

o Updates standards associated with transporting etiologic agents (para 20-12).

o Updates safety requirements associated with contract biological activities (para 20-15).

o Defines infectious agents and toxins (terms).

o Makes additional rapid action revision changes (throughout).


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