AR 40–13

Radiological Advisory Medical Teams

This major revision, dated 1 October 2012–

o Changes the title of the regulation from Medical Support – Nuclear/Chemical Accidents and Incidents to Radiological Advisory Medical Teams (cover).

o Adds the responsibilities of the U.S. Army Medical Command for the establishment and deployment or employment of the radiological advisory medical teams (para 1-4).

o Eliminates the requirement for emergency medical teams, which have been replaced by other teams within the U.S. Army Medical Command regional support structure as specified in DA Pam 50-5 (previously all of chap 3).

o Eliminates policy on chemical accident and incident support, which is now addressed in AR 50-6, DA Pam 50-6, and U.S. Army Medical Command regional support agreements (previously all of chap 4).

o Makes administrative changes (throughout).


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