AR 40–3

Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Care

This major revision, dated 23 April 2013–

o Requires that The Surgeon General appoint the Consultant, Blood Program and Director, Army Blood Program (para 5-2a(6)).

o Adds qualifications for the Director, Army Blood Program (para 5-2d(1)).

o Adds qualifications for the Chief, Blood Services and for Blood Donor Center officers in charge (para 5-2f(2)).

o Clarifies that the regional medical command blood manager has overall responsibility for managing credits throughout their respective region (para 5-2f(15)).

o Requires commanders to ensure that reservists mobilized in support of the Army Blood Program are used in the appropriate blood program position (para 5-2f(16)).

o Provides guidance on establishing or terminating an Army Medical Department library property account (para 7-10).

o Revises the mission of the nutrition care division (para 8-2).

o Expands duties of the nutrition care divisions’ noncommissioned officers in charge (para 8-4c).

o Adds military treatment facility staff to those authorized to eat in a military treatment facility’s nutrition care division (para 8-5a).

o Revises nutrition care division documentation requirements (paras 8-5c, 8-9e, and 8-16).

o Requires DD Form 1544 (Cash Meal Payment Book) for use with manual cash collections (para 8-6c).

o Revises payment requirements for ambulatory patients (para 8-20).

o Authorizes foreign national embassy staff to be listed for transplantation through the Army-Navy Transplant Service (para 9-1b(7)).

o Updates medical and administrative living donor requirements (paras 9-1b(4) and 9-1c(1)).

o Defines and separates from kidney donation requirements the provisions for living hepatic donation (para 9-2d(5)(b)).

o Revises guidance on recording and reporting medication errors (para 11-9b).

o Revises guidance on controlled substances (para 11-10 and app B).

o Adds guidance relevant to dispensing procedures (para 11-14e).

o Revises guidance on refill prescriptions from other medical treatment facilities (para 11-14g).

o Specifies the age at which an accompanied child can pick up prescriptions (para 11-14h).

o Updates guidance on pharmacy support to mobilizing and deploying personnel (para 11-26).

o Revamps pharmacy and medication automation procedures (para 11-28).

o Clarifies cardiac life support training requirements for boarded emergency medicine physicians (tables 13-1 and 13-2).

o Incorporates the Laboratory Response Network into medical laboratory management (chap 14).

o Adds food defense to veterinary services (para 15-2).

o Makes administrative revisions (throughout).

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