The Care and Use of Laboratory Animals in DOD Programs

This administrative revision dated 16 February 2005–

o Adds Lieutenant General George Peach Taylor, Jr. as U.S. Air Force surgeon general.

o Adds Dr. Larry Laughlin, as the interim president of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

This revision–

o Changes the title of the regulation to reflect current areas of coverage and changes the series number to more accurately reflect the content.

o Delineates the responsibilities of the Director, Defense Research and Engineering, the Secretary of the Army, the Director, Department of Defense Veterinary Service Activity, the institutional official, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, the principal investigator, and the attending veterinarian (paras 4a, 4c, 4d, 4e, 4f, 4g, and 4h).

o Updates the responsibilities for the heads of Department of Defense components (para 4b).

o Exempts extramural facilities accredited by the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation for Laboratory Animal Care, International, from initial site visits (para 5c(1)(c)).

o Prohibits the wounding of dogs, cats, and nonhuman primates for medical or surgical training and their use in advanced trauma life support training (paras 5h(2) and 5h(3)).

o Provides for the review of proposals involving the use of chimpanzees by the Interagency Animal Model Committee (para 6j(2)).

o Adds policy for managing complaints concerning violations of animal care and use standards (para 7).

o Requires the submission of a semiannual review report on facility inspection to the institutional official and prescribes the use of a new form for this purpose, DD Form 2856 (DOD Semiannual Program Review/Facility Inspection Checklist) (para 8a(1) and app D).

o Specifies the requirement to release information to the public in an accessible database (para 9).

o Adds an animal use protocol format for submitting proposals concerning animal use in Department of Defense programs (app C).

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