AR 40–35

Dental Readiness and Community Oral Health Protection

Specifically, this revision–

o Adds the responsibilities of the Chief of the U.S. Army Dental Corps (para 4b) and the U.S. Army Dental Command (para 4d).

o Requires that personnel in dental organizations adopt protocols provided by the Prevent Abuse and Neglect through Dental Awareness Program for identification and referral of suspected cases of abuse and neglect (para 4f(6)).

o Establishes the goal of having 95 percent of all active duty forces in dental class 1 and class 2 (para 4h(6)).

o Provides criteria for dental classifications (para 6b).

o Updates the dental screening procedures for permanent duty soldiers who are inprocessing (paras 6c(1)(a) and 6c(1)(b)).

o Deletes the requirement for a duplicate panographic radiograph (para 6c(1)(c)).

o Adds the provision, that, whenever available, depending on local dental assets and availability of time during the training cycle, soldiers in basic training or advanced individual training are required to have a dental readiness examination (para 6c(2)).

o Stipulates that soldiers in dental class 3 or class 4 will not be cleared for overseas movement or deployed unless a waiver is granted (paras 6c(5) and  6c(6)).

o Prescribes the use of DD Form 2813 (DOD Active Duty/Reserve Forces Dental Examination) (para 6d).

o Contains updated guidance on fluoride therapy in health promotion (para 7c).

o Revises the reporting requirements of RCS MED 399, the Community Oral Health Protection Report (formerly called the Preventive Dentistry Report) (para 9).


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