AR 40–656/NAVSUPINST 4355.10A/MCO 10110.48

Veterinary Surveillance Inspection of Subsistence

This major revision, dated 28 August 2006–

o Changes the types of surveillance inspections (para 1-6).

o Adds guidance for the inspection of prime vendor equivalent subsistence items (para 1-6b).

o Adds definitions for receipt and conveyance inspections (para 1-6).

o Defines the requirements for pest infestation inspections (para 1-6c).

o Adds additional guidance for sample selection (para 1-7).

o Defines inspections utilizing biased sampling (para 1-7b).

o Changes the requirements for open package inspection (para 1-8b).

o Adds the requirement to utilize the U.S. Standard for Condition of Food Containers, with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Visual Aids or Gauges for Containers (para 1-9b).

o Adds guidance for the use of approximate keeping times (AKT) (para 1-12b).

o Replaces the statistical sampling tables with a new sampling table (table 2-1).

o Adds requirements for the frequency of inspection of semi-perishable foods (para 2-2).

o Deletes appendix C.

o Deletes appendix D.

o Deletes appendix E.

o Deletes appendix F.


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