AR 40–657/NAVSUP 4355.4H/MCO P10110.31H

Veterinary/Medical Food Safety, Quality Assurance, and Laboratory Service

This revision dated 21 January 2005–

o Adds “Worldwide” to the title of the Directory of Sanitarily Approved Food Establishments for Armed Forces Procurement (para 1-4).

o Removes the exemption of foreign establishments previously listed in U.S. Department of Agriculture publication, “Foreign Plants Certified to Export Meat and Poultry to the United States” (para 1-6b).

o Eliminates Table 2-2, Summary of Directory Listing Requirements.

o Creates a provision for establishments to submit a certificate of conformance for an established quality control program, which may be evaluated for reduction in the sanitation audit frequency (para 2-6).

o Revises frequency of sanitation audits to allow for flexibility based on sanitary history of the establishment and the nature of the foods produced or handled. Minimum frequencies are also set for specific food items (para 2-6c(2)).

o Changes the classes of inspection from 9 specific classes to 3 broad categories (para 3-1).

o Adds inspection requirements for the Prime Vendor Program (chapter 3).

o Adds the requirement for an installation support plan (paras 3-3 and 3-4).

o Creates a provision for issue of a Certificate of Serviceability in certain circumstances whereby subsistence is unfit for its original or intended use but still wholesome (para 3-4d(4)).

o Revises previously published functions and responsibilities of the Laboratory Service (para 4-2).

o Creates a new laboratory sampling program that incorporates sampling of food items at both origin and destination (para 5-4).

o Converts MEDCOM Form 404-R (Certificate of Unfitness) to DA Form 7538 (Subsistence Serviceability Certificate), and MEDCOM Form 676-R (Request for Veterninary Laboratory Testing and Food Sample Record) to DA Form 7539.


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