AR 40–905/SECNAVINST 6401.1B/AFI 48–131

Veterinary Health Services

This major revision, dated 29 August 2006–

o Reaffirms the role of the U.S. Army as the Executive Agent for the Department of Defense Veterinary Services for the Secretary of the Army, in accordance with Department of Defense Directive 6400.4, dated August 22, 2003, subject: Department of Defense Veterinary Services Program (para 2-1a).

o Defines the installation commander’s responsibility for the capture, impoundment, disposal, and control of privately owned and stray animals on military installations (para 2-3f).

o Updates guidance on the Human-Animal Bond Program as an essential function of the Army Veterinary Service mission to support the military community (paras 2-5b(4), 2-5b(9), and 4-2f).

o Defines authorized veterinary services for Department of Defense, Government-owned (non-Department of Defense), nonappropriated fund instrumentality-owned, and privately owned animals (chap 3).

o Changes fee schedule for service/assistance animals and Animals In the Military Helping Individuals from cost reimbursable to same rate as privately owned animals (para 3-4f).

o Provides guidance for veterinary support to animals provided by contractor or concession (para 3-5).

o Updates measures for the control of rabies and other animal diseases and conditions (chap 4).

o Provides guidance for animal care and sanitation in, and veterinary support to, Child Development Centers and Individual Family Child Care homes (para 4-1a(3)).

o Updates guidance for Department of Defense veterinary treatment facility programs to prevent disease and injury (para 4-2a).

o Provides guidance on diagnostic laboratory services available at the U.S. Army Department of Defense Food Analysis and Diagnostic Laboratory and on forms to be used when submitting specimens or samples to the laboratory (para 4-2h).

o Provides guidance on procedures for pre-purchase physical examinations of prospective Department of Defense-owned horses (para 5-1b(2)).

o Updates guidance on procedures for periodic physical examinations of Department of Defense owned animals (para 5-1c).

o Updates guidance on Veterinary Corps officer responsibilities upon the death or euthanasia of Department of Defense owned animals (para 5-2).

o Provides guidance on adoption of retired military working dogs (para 5-3).

o Redefines guidance on the fiscal administration of Veterinary Service appropriated fund and nonappropriated fund activities (chap 6).

o Prescribes the following new form: DA Form 7593, Department of Defense Military Working Dog Veterinary Service Referral Information Form (para 6-1a(3)(b)).

o Redefines guidance on preparation of required medical records for Department of Defense owned, other Government-owned (non-Department of Defense), and privately owned animals (para 6-5).

o Replaces the use of DD Form 2344 (Veterinary Treatment Record) with Air Force Form 2110A (Health Record) for military working dogs only (para 6-5a(1)(a)).


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