AR 405–45

Real Property Inventory Management

This revision, dated 1 November 2004–

o Transfers responsibilities from major Army command and installation commanders to the Installation Management Agency and garrison commanders.

o Revises appendix A to bring it up to date.

o Adds a glossary.

This revision:

o Separates real property policy from procedures (chap 2).

o Eliminates data element definitions (chap 2).

o Eliminates all references to manual reporting medium to include card entries and keypunching instructions (chap 2).

o Accommodates automated reporting of the real property inventory.

o Rescinds DA Form 2014-R, Jan 77, DA Form 4580-R, Jan 77, DA Form 4581-R, Jan 77, DA Form 4581-1-R, Jan 77, and DA Form 4581-2-R, Jan 77.


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