AR 5–1

Total Army Quality Management

This revision–

o Establishes policy, procedures, and responsibilities for managing U.S. Army organizations.

o Revises responsibilities. (para 1-4)

o Replaces Policy with Background. (chap 2)

o Adds History of TAQ. (para 2-1)

o Deletes Vision. (para 2-2)

o Deletes The Army Imperatives. (para 2-3)

o Deletes Total Army Values. (para 2-4)

o Deletes Total Army precepts of management. (para 2-5)

o Adds Management of Army Organizations. (chap 3)

o Adds Total Army Quality (Definition and Principles). (para 3-1)

o Adds Strategic Planning. (para 3-2)

o Adds Organizational Assessment. (para 3-3)

o Adds The Army Performance Improvement Criteria. (para 3-4)

o Adds References. (app A)

o Adds Glossary: Section I – abbreviations. Section II – terms.


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