AR 5–12

Army Use of the Electromagnetic Spectrum

This major revision, dated 15 February 2013–

o Revises and updates Army Spectrum Management Policy in accordance with current Army, Department of Defense, United States national, host-nation, and international policies, organizational structures, and doctrinal changes (chap 1).

o Revises the Army, Department of Defense, and national and international spectrum-related responsibilities of the Army (chap 2).

o Delineates the scope, requirements, objectives, and timing of the elements of the Army’s spectrum supportability processes, including requirements for spectrum supportability risk assessments, spectrum supportability determination, requests for equipment frequency allocation approval, and quantification of electromagnetic environmental effects (chap 3).

o Delineates policies regarding Department of Defense, United States, hostnation, and international frequency-assignment approval processes for Army spectrum-dependent systems and provides spectrum policy for the Joint bases created by the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Act (chap 4).

o Incorporates new text delineating the requirements for spectrum supportability risk assessment, clarifies Army National Guard Bureau and Army North responsibilities for homeland defense and defense support of civil authorities, and defines spectrum policies for specific civil and military radio frequency systems used by Army personnel (chap 5).

o Delineates spectrum policies and procedures for Army use of a variety of specific commercial and military spectrum-dependent systems (chap 5).

o Delineates consequences to Army individuals and organizations that do not comply with Department of Defense, national, and international spectrum policies and regulations (chap 6).

o Adds an appendix on requirements for spectrum supportability risk assessments throughout the life cycle of Army spectrum-dependent systems (app C).

o Provides an internal control checklist (app D).

o Makes administrative revisions (throughout).


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