AR 50–6

Chemical Surety

This major revision, dated 28 July 2008–

o Identifies Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations and Environment as the responsible policy office for recovered chemical warfare material (para 1-4a).

o Provides guidance for individuals enrolled or not enrolled in other DOD personnel reliability programs (paras 2-1 and 2-2).

o Identifies commanders/directors to designate personnel reliability program positions and authorizes reviewing officials to monitor certifying officials’ decisions (paras 2-2a and 2-5d).

o Clarifies mandatory disqualification factors and classifications as a restricted person (para 2-7f).

o Provides guidance on “favorably adjudicated” personnel security investigations (paras 2-12b and 2-12c).

o Establishes procedures for documenting factors that may warrant but do not mandate disqualification (para 2-15a).

o Requires periodic health screening for personnel reliability programcertified individuals (para 2-20).

o Changes terminology for removal from chemical personnel reliability program duties; establishes administrative restriction when individuals are absent for an extended period (chap 2, sec VI).

o Updates information for on-site contractor personnel to be included in the facility chemical personnel reliability program (para 3-3).

o Updates guidance for acquisition and transfer of Schedule 1 chemicals and identifies responsibilities for Schedule I chemical accountability and inventory management (chaps 4 and 5).

o Revises guidance on the categories and transportation of chemical agents (chaps 6 and 7).

o Revises chemical event categories and authorizes use of the Web-based Chemical and Biological Event Reporting System (chap 11).

o Revises guidance for chemical surety inspections; establishes requirements for reviewing and accessing failing chemical surety inspection deficiencies (chap 12).

o Clarifies DA Pam 50-6 as guidance consistent with HQDA publication policy (throughout).


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