AR 58–1

Management, Acquisition, and Use of Motor Vehicles

This revision dated 10 August 2004–

o Changes Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics (DCSLOG) to Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4 (DCS, G-4)(throughout).

o Changes Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans to Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3 (DCS, G-3)(para 1-4).

o Adds applicable vehicles (para 1-5).

o Adds reimbursement policy for damage to nontactical vehicles (para 2-10).

o Updates required publications and required forms (app A).

o Removes former appendix B, Definitions.

o Adds definitions from former appendix B to the glossary, section II, Terms.

o Changes former appendix C, Guidance for Conducting Cost-Comparison Study, to appendix B.

o Changes former appendix D, Management Controls Checklist, to appendix C.

The change 1 dated 28 January 2000–

o Includes text inadvertently left out of the 10 June 1999 revision (para 2-8 and app A, sections III and IV).

o Issues new policy regarding sport utility vehicles (para 2-9).


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