AR 600–106

Flying Status for Nonrated Army Aviation Personnel

This revision–

o Deletes interim changes paragraph (title page).

o Changes “Applicability” paragraph from “orders issued per paragraph 2-2 remain valid for up to 179 days…” to “orders issued per paragraph 2-2 remain valid for up to 270 days” (title page).

o Provides detailed requirements for Reserve Component members on Flight Status  (para 2-1).

o Changes reference to “flight pay” in paragraph 2-1a to “hazardous duty incentive pay (HDIP) for flying duty.” Thereafter, all reference to “flight pay” changed to “HDIP for flying duty.”

o Clarifies office symbols for Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA), approval/waiver authorities (paras 2-2, 2-3, 2-5, and 2-9).

o Updates the list of assigned aircraft for which crewmembers are authorized (para 2-3).

o Deletes warrant officer candidates from those considered crewmembers, as appointment to warrant officer currently occurs prior to starting class (para 2-3).

o Provides to a nonrated crewmember flight instructor (FI) or nonrated standardization flight instructor (SI) in military occupational specialty (MOS) 67N, 67V, 67S, 67T, and 67U the authorized crewmember flying status on UH-1, MH-60/UH-60, and CH-47/MH-47 Helicopters (para 2-3).

o Provides to an aeromedical psychological investigator the authorized noncrewmember flight status for psychological and performance research (para 2-4).

o Adds appendix B, “Time of Aerial Flight Required for Fractional Part of the Month.”

o Adds appendix C, “Army Management Control Evaluation Checklist.”


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