AR 600–20

Army Command Policy

This rapid action revision, dated 20 September 2012–

o Updates policy for the administration of unit command climate surveys: adds requirement for personnel equivalent to company level commanders; updates timelines to within 30 days (120 days for Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve) of assuming command, again at 6 months, and annually thereafter (paras 6-3i(13) and E-1a).

o Updates confidentiality procedures: adds exceptions to the confidentiality of survey responses; adds requirement to provide inconspicuous location to submit paper and pencil format; provides guidance on group versus individual reporting (para E-2).

o Deletes the tools used for obtaining the command climate surveys (para E-5).

o Adds requirement for survey administrator and data collector to protect respondent anonymity and results confidentiality; adds exceptions to the confidentiality of survey responses; prohibits collection of personally identifiable information (para E-7).

o Makes administrative changes and updates paragraph titles (app E).

o Note. Army Directive 2012-06, Centralized Selection List – Tour Length Policy for Command and Key Billets; Army Directive 2012-13, Policy and Implementing Guidance for Deployment Cycle Support; and ALARACT 007-2012, Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Implementation Guidance will be incorporated in the next major revision.


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