AR 600–25

Salutes, Honors, and Visits of Courtesy

This revision dated 24 September 2004–

o Adds a responsibilities paragraph (para 1-4).

o Changes authority to delegate local saluting policy to commander of major Army commands (para 1-4).

o Clarifies when the hand salute is not required to be rendered (para 1-5).

o Adds a paragraph to require soldiers to salute the commander in chief when in uniform (para 1-5).

o Updates saluting stations to reflect base closures (para 1-9).

o Deletes the requirement to render salutes when any vessel or craft flying the President’s flag passes an Army installation (chap 1).

o Clarifies what actions military and civilians should take during the playing of foreign national anthems (para 1-11).

o Clarifies the situations when soldiers can recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag (para 1-12).

o Changes table 2-1 to make it easier to read (chap 2).

o Clarifies the appropriate music to play when honors are rendered (table 2-1).

o Deletes the requirement to render honors to the director of Defense Research and Engineering (para 2-2).

o Clarifies honors to be provided when 2 or more visitors arrive or depart an installation at the same time (para 2-3).

o Clarifies the requirements for retirement ceremonies (para 3-4).

o Adds a paragraph on the Army song and the requirement to stand at attention and sing the lyrics when the Army song is played (para 3-5).

o Changes precedence for members of the Armed Forces and Merchant Marines during formations (para 3-2).

o Allows different styles to be used for visiting cards (para 4-2).

o Clarifies a number of terms used by the Navy (chap 5).

o Adds former Secretaries of the Army and Sergeants Major of the Army to the official announcement list (chap 6).

o Deletes the use of Reserve Officers’ Training Corps units in conducting burial honors (chap 6).

o Updates the policy and procedures for conducting burial honors (chap 6).

o Deletes the requirement to compile, maintain, and forward funeral support data (chap 6).

o Adds paragraphs on the Authorized Provider Partnership Program (AP3) (chap 6).

o Adds a reference appendix (app A) and renames remaining appendixes.

o Changes instructions for the national flag at half staff to reflect Presidential Proclamation 3044 of 1 March 1954 and amplified by Department of Defense Instruction 1005.6 of 13 December 1956 (app B).

o Adds a glossary.

This is a change to AR 600-25, 15 May 1970.

o Changes have been made in chapter 6.

o Major changes include the addition of guidance concerning funeral honors accorded the Sergeant Major of the Army, former Sergeants Major of the Army, Command Sergeants Major, and Sergeants Major.


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