AR 600–37

Unfavorable Information

This revision –

o Redesignates chapter 5, Responsibilities, as chapter 2, and changes the numbers of chapters 2 through 4 to 3 through 5.

o Deletes authority for MACOMs to establish suitability evaluation boards for the purpose of determining the disposition of unfavorable information (chap 2).

o Authorizes officers frocked to brigadier general to issue and direct fiing of administrative letters of reprimand (chap 3).

o Authorizes enlisted supervisors to issue letters of reprimand, but restricts filing (chap 3).

o Requires that documents that serve as the basis for letters of reprimand be referred to the recipient (chap 3).

o Deletes portions pertaining to the use of unfavorable information in various files for the purpose of considering bars to favorable personnel actions (chap 4 and 5).

o Further defines the organization and procedures of the DA Suitability Evaluation Board with respect to the filing of unfavorable information in the OMPF (chap 6).

o Further defines the procedures to appeal for the removal of unfavorable information from the OMPF (chap 7).

o Sets forth (chap 7) new information to supplement AR 27-10 with respect to petitioning for the transfer of records of nonjudicial punishment to the restricted portion of the OMPF on the basis – –

–Intent having been served.

–Being in the best interests of the Army.

o Deletes chapter 8.

o Corrects errors in para 3-4d(1) stated in the ERRATA sheet dated 1987.


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