AR 600–38

The Meal Card Management System

This revision gives new information on the following areas:

o MACOM compliance reviews (para 2-1).

o Installation commander functions (para 2-2).

o Procedures for the transfer of Meal Card Control Books to support organization rotation programs (para 3-4).

o Procedures for DA Form 4890-r (Meal Card Control Register) (para 3-6).

o Meal card accountability procedures (para 3-8).

o Audit procedures for meal cards (para 3-10).

o Rules for the issue and withdrawl of meal cards (table 3-2).

o Reimbursement for meals available during field duty (para 4-1).

o Reserve Component reimbursement (officer and enlisted) during field duty (para4-2).

o Reimbursement for all Active Army soldiers (enlisted and officers) (paras 4-3  and 4-4).

o Procedures for the issue of meal cards during field duty (para 4-7).

o Meal card verification frequency (para 5-1).


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