AR 600–8–105

Military Orders

This regulation is one of a series of regulations being developed as part of the

new military personnel publications architecture prescribed in AR 600-8. It–

o Deletes format 170 because the order is no longer required to be issued by the Military Entrance Processing Station to enlisted personnel in the Reserve components of the Armed Forces and assigned to a Reserve control group (Delayed Entry).

o Eliminates the use of group orders containing the full 9-digit social  security number and other personal data such as home mailing address, home telephone number, and date of birth. Orders issuing authorities are authorized to publish modified group travel orders (para 1-17).

o Allows the installation adjutant general to authorize those battalion and brigade commanders with automation capabilities to publish certain orders (para 1-22).

o Simplifies the use of movement designator codes (paras 1-29 through 1-32 and table 1-2).

o Redefines current no cost moves movement designator codes to accommodate the establishment of a movement designator code ’’PM’’ for temporary change of station contingency or mobilization operation (table 1-2).

o Changes the numbering of permanent orders and orders from a consecutive numbering system to a Julian numbering system (para 2-14).

o Allows accession orders to be numbered the same as orders (para 2-14).


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