AR 600–8–3

Unit Postal Operations

This major revision, dated 7 January 2013-

o Updates the U.S. Total Army Personnel Command to U.S. Army Human Resource Command (para 1-4b).

o Updates official mail proponency to the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army for Army official mail (para 1-9b(2)).

o Updates reporting for postal offenses and losses (para 2-9).

o Replaces the term “unit mailroom” with “mailroom” and adds new DA Form 7698 (Unit Mail Room (UMR), Consolidated Mail Room (CMR), and Postal Service Center (PSC) Inspection Checklist) (para 2-10c and fig 2-1).

o Updates rules for postal offense reporting (para 2-13c).

o Updates rules for checking assigned receptacles (para 2-25).

o Updates rules for receiving the mail (para 3-7).

o Updates rules for processing incoming mail (para 3-9).

o Updates citations for DOD 4525.6-M (throughout).

o Makes administrative changes (throughout).


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