AR 600–8–8

The Total Army Sponsorship Program

This rapid action revision, dated 4 April 2006–

o Requires mandatory sponsorship of first-time Soldiers (para 2-2a).

o Provides guidance on the assignment of same-gender sponsors for first-time Soldiers (para 2-8(c)2).

o Provides further guidance and responsibilities for sponsors of first-time Soldiers (paras 2-11g, 2-11h, 2-11i, and 2-11j).

This administrative revision, dated 21 October 2004–

o Changes Commanding General U.S. Total Army Personnel Command (PERSCOM) to Commander, U.S. Army Human Resources Command (USAHRC)(para 1-4e).

o Directs Installation Management Agency (IMA) to ensure garrison support (para 2-1g).

o Updates appendix A.

This revision dated 3 April 2002 requires–

o Commanders of major Army commands and field operating agencies to submit a summary of sponsorship issues and trends to the U.S. Army Community and Family Support Center within 30 calendar days at the end of the fiscal year (para 1-4).

o Installation commanders to use DA Form 7274 (Sponsorship Program Survey) and the sponsorship questions (Appendix B) in the Organizational Inspection Program (para 1-4).

o Installation commanders to ensure that a trained sponsorship pool exists at the unit or installation level to respond to programmed and unprogrammed arrivals (para 1-4).


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