AR 600–85

The Army Substance Abuse Program

This expedite revision, dated 28 December 2012-

o Updates administrative processing for separation actions of Soldiers for alcohol or other drug abuse procedures in accordance with the Secretary of the Army Directive 2012-07; adds requirement to monitor and evaluate separation actions (paras 1-7c(5) and (7), 2-18f, 2-32j, 3-2k, 3-3a, 4-2l and m, 10-4c, and 10-6).

o Updates appointed member of the Headquarters, Department of the Army risk reduction working group (para 2-10j).

o Updates administration timeframes and clarifies requirements for risk inventories (paras 2-16f, 2-32o, 2-33o, 12-6, 15-21, and D-4v).

o Updates and defines information reporting requirements (paras 2-16k, 2-17g(1) and o, 2-18n and bb, 2-21k(1) and (2), 2-32j, 2-33i, and 4-14i, j, and k).

o Adds Criminal Investigation Command representation to installation prevention team/human resource council (para 2-17c).

o Updates responsibilities for installation Risk Reduction Program coordinator (paras 2-22 and 12-5d).

o Adds AR 600-63 and DA Pam 600-24 as references (para 2-23).

o Adds reporting requirements for commanders and requires the use of DA Form 4833 (Commander’s Report of Disciplinary or Administrative Action) (paras 2-32q and 2-33j).

o Updates quantitative value of urine specimen to specify drug metabolites (para 4-1a).

o Adds additional controlled substances to prohibited list; deletes reference to paragraph 4-2u; identifies DD Form 2624 (Specimen Custody Document – Drug Testing) (paras 4-2p(1), w, and x).

o Adds requirement to prepare documents using Department of Defense DrugTesting Program (para 4-3b).

o Defines test bases; adds requirements and restrictions for reporting positive results in deployed areas; adds support requirement for small units (paras 4-7d, e(2), and g).

o Adds Biological Surety Program, biological agents, and AR 50-1 (paras 4-8c and d, 5-8c(8), and 5-11b).

o Replaces reference AR 40-501 with DA Pam 40-501; updates address for U.S. Army Human Resources Command (paras 4-8h and (4)).

o Updates grade/rank requirements for drug testing observers (para 4-9c(1)).

o Replaces reference to battalion commander with commander and clarifies drug testing coordinator notification before conducting unit collections (paras 4-11a, c, and g).

o Adds requirement for acceptance of certified specimen collections (para 4-13d).

o Changes requirement for negative test result maintenance to calendar year (para 4-14c).

o Specifies requirements for the evaluation of the National Guard Joint National Guard Substance Abuse Program in accordance with NG 500-2/ANGI 10-801 (para 4-15b(8)).

o Reassigns responsibilities for Commander, U.S. Army Accessions Command (paras 4-22a and b.)

o Updates policy for drug testing certain Department of Health and Human Services individuals; adds additional positions for random testing; adds adherence to Department of Health and Human Services guidelines (paras 5-3c and d, 5-8c(14) and (15), and 6-9).

o Updates civilian recordkeeping requirements for Employee Assistance Program and Army Substance Abuse Program (paras 6-7f and i).

o Updates counseling staff standards/competencies for clinical providers and certification requirements for Army Substance Abuse Program staff (paras 8-21 and 9-5c, d, and d(3)).

o Updates civilian personnel grade/rank requirements and adds background check requirements for Unit Prevention Leaders (paras 9-6b(2) and d(1)).

o Restricts policy on marketing and promotion items (para 9-18c(4)).

o Updates procedural requirements for actions before, during and after deployments and reassignments (paras 10-9a(2)(a) and (c) and b(1)).

o Updates operating guidance for Forensic Toxicology Drug Testing Laboratory (para 11-1).

o Requires support of information sharing guidance in AR 600-63 and DA Pam 600-24 (para 14-1a).

o Updates requirements and guidance for DA Form 4465 (Patient Intake/Screening Record (PIR)) and DA Form 4466 (Patient Progress Report (PRR)) (paras 14-3b and c and 15-5g).

o Updates requirements for the Joint Substance Abuse Program officer and Joint Substance Abuse Program coordinator (paras 15-7q through u and 15-8a and b).

o Adds requirement for Alcohol Drug Intervention Council quarterly meetings (para 15-13c).

o Adds requirements for specimen review by a medical review officer (paras 15-22 and 16-18).

o Adds policy on adulterated specimen procedures and prevention education (paras 15-23 and 15-24).

o Updates requirements for the U.S. Army Reserve Command Alcohol Drug Control officer and major subordinate command Alcohol Drug Control officer (paras 16-4o through s and 16-6q through t).

o Makes additional expedite revision changes (paras 1-9a; 2-20b; 2-21q; 2-32h; 4-18b and c; 4-23b; 5-6a(1) and (2) and e; 6-1d; 6-6; 7-8a(1)(d); 8-4; 10-10c; 12-1; 12-2a; 12-3; 12-5b; 12-7a and b; 13-3a and b; 15-7e, k, and m; 15-9c; 15-13; 15-14a(2), (c), and (d); 15-17; 16-1; 16-4k; 16-5b(2); 16-7d and d(1); 16-8c; 16-9b; 16-11b(2); 17-4; 18-3c(2)(b) and d(7); E-4b(9); E-5c and d; E-7b; E-8a(1)(h), (i), (j), (2)(a) and (b), and e; and H-6; deletes paras 1-9a(1) through (6); 4-2u; 4-11b; 4-14f; 6-2; 6-5; 10-4a(1)(c) and (d);10-10d; 14- 3f(2) and g(2); and 15-18).

o Removes reference citations for U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Regulation 350-70 (paras 2-19b and k, 2-20g, 2-33b, 2-34d, 6-1b, 9-12b, 9-15a, and B-7).


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