AR 601–100

Appointment of Commissioned and Warrant Officers in the Regular Army

This major revision, dated 21 November 2006–

o Has been completely revised to meet the mandate of an All-Regular Army Active Duty Force, which required all commissioned officers (basic branches and special branches) to be appointed as Regular Army officers.

o Reflects the reorganization of the United States Army Personnel Command as the United States Army Human Resources Command throughout the regulation.

o Eliminates all Regular Army boards.

o Implements new policy for security clearance for special branches upon initial entry on active duty (para 1-8b).

o Revises policy on age requirements (para 1-9).

o Implements policy for educational requirements for Officer Candidate School candidates and direct appointees (para 1-10).

o Implements policy for convicted sex offenders in the Army (para 1-13c).

o Implements policy requiring that all newly accessed officers commissioned to the active duty list will receive regular appointments, regardless of method or source of commission effective 1 May 2005 (para 2-2).

o Implements policy regarding the declining of Regular Army appointments (para 2-5).

o Reinstates the Regular Army Integration Program implementing policy for the All-Regular Army Active Duty Force (para 2-6).

o Implements policy for reserve warrant officers, promotable warrant officer and chief warrant officers to be integrated into the Regular Army (para 2-10).

o Implements policy for appointment notification and acceptance of Regular Army (2-11).

o Implements policy concerning religious practices (2-11).

o Implements rules/guidance for delay in acceptance of appointment (2-12).

o Implements rules/guidance for initial assignment orders and consummation of Regular Army appointment (paras 2-13 and 2-14).


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