AR 601–142

Army Medical Department Professional Filler System

This major revision, dated 9 April 2007–

o Clarifies the responsibilities of The Surgeon General (para 4).

o Clarifies responsibilities of the commanders of the U.S. Army Pacific, U.S. Army South, and U.S. Army Special Operations Command (para 4).

o Updates the lists of the actions required by modified tables of organization and equipment unit commanders (para 4).

o Clarifies the priorities for the Professional Filler System fill (para 5).

o Clarifies the policy for using officers participating in graduate health care education (para 5).

o Explains how organizational clothing and individual equipment is issued (para 5).

o Clarifies procedures for determining Professional Filler System requirements (para 6).

o Updates procedures for personnel deployment (para 6).

o Revises substitutability criteria for specialty skills (para 6, table 1).

o Defines Professional Filler System requests arriving at the U.S. Army Medical Command at least 90 calendar days prior to the start date of the requests as  timely. (para 6e).

o Adds that the U.S. Army Medical Command organization commanders unable to support requests will provide a reclamma to the U.S. Army Medical Command Commander within (10) calendar days of receipt of the request for support (para 6e).

o Adds that the U.S. Army Medical Command Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations will notify the U.S. Forces Command Surgeon Office of an unresolved reclamma within 5 days of receipt of the reclamma from the supporting command (para 6e).

o Adds the Professional Filler System Deployment System process and structure (6h).


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