AR 601–210

Active and Reserve Components Enlistment Program

This rapid action revision, dated 12 March 2013–

o Updates enlistment grade requirements for specific applicants (para 2-18a(3)).

This rapid action revision, dated 1 February 2013–

o Changes education codes B, H, and 7 from level Tier 2 to level Tier 1 status (paras 2-7c(1), (4), and (6)).

o Changes advanced enlistment grades where indicated for Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, Senior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, qualified nonprior Service, glossary nonprior Service, or prior Service applicants in the Delayed Entry Program, Regular Army, or Army National Guard (paras 2-18a(3), 2-18a(4), and 2-18b(1)).

o Makes additional rapid action revision changes (deletes paras 2-7d(3), (4),(6) and 2-18a(2),(14), and b(2)).


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