AR 602–2

Manpower and Personnel Integration (MANPRINT) in the System Acquisition Process

Specifically, this revision–

o Revises the text for consistency with the DOD 5000 series throughout.

o Establishes a MANPRINT Board of Advisors (MBA) and designates the co-chairs (para 1-1d).

o Redefines the MANPRINT Joint Working Group as MANPRINT members of the Integrated Concept Team and the MANPRINT Working Integrated Product Team (WIPT)(para 1-4d).

o Redefines the MANPRINT responsibilities of the HQDA Staff, Major Army Commands, and Heads of other Army elements (chap 2).

o Incorporates MANPRINT General Officer Steering Committee policies and guidance (chaps 2, 3, and 4).

o Changes the requirement for MANPRINT training for program, project, and product managers (PMs), combat developers (CBTDEVs) and TRADOC system managers (TSMs) (paras 2-3n,2-17c(1)).

o Establishes the MANPRINT Web site (para 2-8i).

o Designates the U.S. Army Research Laboratory-Human Research and Engineering Directorate (ARL-HRED) as the focal point for MANPRINT support in Integrated Concept Teams (ICTs) and Integrated Product Teams (IPTs) (para 3-2b).

o Establishes policy for the implementation of MANPRINT as a Human Systems Integration (HSI) strategy (para 3-1).

o Defines MANPRINT participation in the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Integrated Concept Team process (para 3-2).

o Defines MANPRINT participation in the program/project/product manager’s Integrated Product Team process (para 3-3).

o Establishes timelines for the MANPRINT Domain Assessments (para 3-3c).

o Establishes MANPRINT policy for accelerated acquisition programs (in this instance, Warfighting Rapid Acquisition Program (WRAP)) (para 3-6b).

o Revises the System MANPRINT Management Plan (SMMP) policy (chap 4).

o Defines the Army’s HSI strategy that the PMs should use to fulfill the mandatory HSI responsibilities of DOD Regulation 5000.2-R (para 4-1a).

o Revises policies relating to source selection documents (chap 5).

o Establishes the MANPRINT Practitioner of the Year Award (chap 6).

o Establishes Army Acquisition Executive (AAE) policy regarding MANPRINT policy for all Army acquisition programs (app B).

o Revises policies relating to operational requirements documents (app B).

o Establishes policy on MANPRINT common data elements (CDEs) (app B-2).


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