AR 608–1

Army Community Service

This major revision, dated 13 March 2013–

o Supersedes AR 608-48, Army Family Team Building Program, dated 28 March 2005.

o Changes the title of this regulation to Army Community Service (cover).

o Expands the scope of Family Support Systems beyond center-based services (paras 1-1 and 1-10).

o Transfers Army Family Team Building Program policy from AR 608-48 (paras 2-10, 2-14, 4-7, 4-16, J-5a(1), and app M).

o Implements the Army Community Service Training Standardization Program (para 2-14).

o Expands Deployment or Mobilization and Stability and Support Operations Readiness Network (para 4-1).

o Implements the Family Readiness System (paras 4-1, 4-3, 4-6, and app J).

o Replaces the Family Assistance Information Sheet with the DA Form 5897 (Army Community Service (ACS) Client Case Record) at Soldier Readiness Processing (paras 2-27 and 4-2h).

o Outlines assistance provided by Family Readiness Support Assistants (para 4-6c).

o Expands policy, assigns responsibility, and provides guidelines for the provision of Emergency Family Assistance which includes a Family Assistance Center crisis and mass casualty response as integral components to the installation Emergency Management Plan (para 4-10, app F, and app G).

o Establishes DA Form 7700 (Family Assistance Center (FAC) Situation Report (SITREP)) (para 2-12y).

o Revises Transitional Compensation Program (para 4-12 and app H).

o Changes the title of Services to Waiting Families to Hearts Apart Services for Waiting Families (para 4-28).

o Increases the Family Readiness Group Informal Fund Cap to $10,000 (app F and app J).

o Establishes Family Assistance Center guidelines (app G).

o Supersedes SA Memo, dated 7 March 2008, regarding Army Directive 2008-01, Increase in Family Readiness Group Informal Fund Cap (para F-5d(2)(c)).

o Establishes an Internal Control Evaluation Checklist (app N).

o Makes administrative changes (throughout).


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