AR 608–10

Child Development Services

This change 1–

o This (write-in) change implements the reissue of Department of Defense Instruction 6060.2, Child Development Programs.

o The change expands policy on administering medication to children with special needs, and revises policy on placement of children with disabilities in Child Development Services programs pursuant to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.

o The change complies with the decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in Hartmann et al. v. Stone et al. concerning religious activities in family child care provider homes.

o The change removes restrictions which prohibit religious activities in family child care and Supplemental Programs and Services provider homes and adds provisions ensuring parents receive prior notification of religious activities in family child care and Supplemental Programs and Services homes.

o Further, the change provides additional guidance and clarification for commanders and other leaders to enforce Army Child Development Services policies.

This revision–

o Incorporates existing HQDA policy directives and field requests for specific guidance on Child Development Services (CDS) construction design criteria, the United States Department of Agriculture Child Care Food Program, staff training, management practices to minimize the risk of child abuse occurring in a CDS setting, health policies, staffing requirements, priorities for service, developmental programming, and quality assurance procedures.

o Expands Family Child Care (FCC) to include certification requirements, special endorsements, and claims (chap 6).

o Expands Supplemental Programs and Services (previously Supplemental/ Outreach Care Options) to include the School-Age/Latch Key Program; delineates common support delivery systems; and lists optional care available to meet new mission requirements (chap 7).

o Adds consolidated criteria to include child abuse prevention standards necessary to meet CDS Standards (app C).


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