AR 608–20

Army Voting Assistance Program

This revision, dated 28 October 2004–

o Adds to the applicability paragraph the Reserve Component soldiers (the Army National Guard of the United States, and the U.S. Army Reserve) ordered to active duty (title page).

o Adds that the SF 76 (Registration and Absentee Ballot Request–Federal Post Card Application) will be hand-delivered (para 1-5).

o Emphasizes that only the individual soldier may contact his or her own voting officials (para 1-7).

o Refers to the current-year Voting Assistance Guide for information on electronic transmission of election materials (para 1-8).

o Adds responsibilities for the Secretary of Defense; the Federal Voting Assistance Program Director; the Secretary of the Army; The Adjutant General; the Department of the Army Inspector General; the commanders of major commands; Reserve Component commanders; installation commanders; the Director of the Army Staff, the Installation Management Agency and itsregional offices, field activity agencies, and direct reporting units; senior voting assistance officers; company/detachment commanders; and voting assistance officers (chap 2).

o Deletes the text excerpt of Section 596, Title 18, United States Code, from appendix A and replaces it with a link to that text (app A).


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