AR 608–99

Family Support, Child Custody, and Paternity

This regulation sets forth Army policy on financial support of family members, paternity, and child custody. This revisiono Clarifies the obligation of Staff Judge Advocates (SJAs) to establish office policies to avoid conflicts of interest in implementing this regulation (para 1-4h(2)).

o Accommodates the change in terms from basic allowance for quarters (BAQ) to basic allowance for housing (BAH) (para 1-7 and throughout).

o Clarifies what actions trigger a command’s obligation to take action under this regulation (para 2-1b).

o Clarifies a soldier’s obligation to provide support in the case of paternity orders that do not include a financial support obligation (para 2-2a).

o Expands the definition of court order for paternity to accommodate the functional equivalent of court orders as established under state law (para 2-2b).

o Clarifies a soldier’s obligation to provide support in the case of a foreign paternity order (para 2-2c).

o Eliminates the interim support requirement for families residing in Government family housing (para 2-6d).

o Defines events that begin or end an obligation to provide support under the terms of this regulation (para 2-7).

o Provides for support for periods of less than one full month (para 2-8).

o Creates a procedure for a soldier (without children) who has been separated from his or her spouse for 18 months and has no court order establishing a financial support obligation to request an exception to the interim support requirements (para 2-14b(6)).

o Establishes procedures whereby the Special Court-Martial Convening Authority (SPCMCA) may grant exceptions to this regulation (para 2-15).


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