AR 611–5

Personnel and Classification Testing

This major revision, dated 5 February 2008–

o Rescinds board interviews within the scope of the Army personnel tests (para 1-4).

o Adds the assessment and reassessment of enlisted and officer skills as one of the uses of Army personnel tests (para 1-4).

o Assigns responsibilities to the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1 (para 1-5), Army Personnel Testing Program Manager (para 1-7), Director, Installation Management Command (para 1-8), Chief, National Guard Bureau (para 1-9), Chief, Army Reserve (para 1-10), Commanding General, U.S. Army Cadet Command (para 1-14), Commanders (para 1-15), Test control officers (para 1-16), and Individual examinees (para 1-17).

o Outlines the procedures for establishing and maintaining test accounts (paras 2-3 through 2-5)

o Adds DA Form 7633 (Army Personnel Testing Test Material Check-in and Checkout Log) (para 2-4).

o Adds requirements and procedures for remote site testing (para 2-6).

o Addresses use of computer labs/classrooms (para 2-7).

o Incorporates policy for deploying units (para 2-8).

o Adds requirements and responsibilities for alternate test control officer, interim test control officer, test examiner, and test proctor (chap 2, sec II).

o Outlines eligibility requirements for Army personnel testing for Army and other personnel (chap 2, sec III).

o Expands test inventory procedures and requirements (para 3-1).

o Prescribes additional requirements for test destruction (para 3-1).

o Provides a list of possible test compromise situations (para 3-2).

o Expands the responsibilities for the Army Personnel Testing Program Manager in the test compromise process (para 3-2).

o Addresses the possession of electronic devices by the individual examinees (para 4-2).

o Adds DA Form 7634 (Army Personnel Testing Test Log) (para 4-4).

o Provides a list of examples of cheating behaviors (para 4-6).

o Provides requisition procedures for other Service testing sites (para 6-1).

o Adds a Standing Operating Procedure (app B).

o Provides an Army Personnel Testing Facility Annual Review (app C).

o Adds a Management Control Checklist (app D).


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