AR 614–10

Army Military Personnel Exchange Program with Military Services of Other Nations

This major revision, dated 14 July 2011–

o Adds Secretary of the Army responsibility (para 1-4a).

o Adds the requirement to conduct a periodic stakeholder’s conference (para 1-4b(7)).

o Gives the Commanding General, Army service component command, administrative control and supervision of the military personnel exchange program in the area of responsibility countries to which exchange personnel have been assigned (para 1-4g).

o Prohibits separation or retirement from exchange positions and establishes an active duty Service obligation of at least 2 years following an exchange position (paras 1-4h(3) and 3-2b).

o Provides guidance for a nonreciprocal position (para 1-6a note).

o Adds policy and guidance pertaining to partner nation military personnel exchange program participants not included in the previous version (chap 5).

o Provides detailed guidance for establishing new programs and changing existing programs, personnel administration, and financial responsibility. Changes the support structure and rating schemes for U.S. participants (throughout).

o Updates U.S. Army security cooperation terminology and guidance (throughout).

o Makes administrative changes (throughout).


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