AR 621–5

Army Continuing Education System

This administrative revision, dated 19 October 2009-

o Replaces paragraph citation “5-7e” with “5-7d” (para 5-6c).

o Makes administrative changes (throughout).

This rapid action revision, dated 6 September 2009-

o Revises Army Continuing Education System geographic area of support (table 1-1).

o Revises eArmyU policies and procedures (para 4-6).

o Authorizes tuition assistance for classes leading to a certificate regardless of the Soldier’s education level (para 5-6c).

o Prescribes tuition assistance use for language course in support of the Defense Language Transformation Roadmap (para 5-6j).

o Updates tuition assistance prohibitions (para 5-7).

o Prescribes administrative procedures for GoArmyEd and tuition assistance (para 5-12).

o Eliminates the requirement for a tuition assistance waiver; however, military withdrawals may be subject to verification upon request (para 5-13c(2)).

o Updates Management Control Checklist to reflect the introduction of the GoArmyEd automated systems (app H).

o Changes U.S. Army Installation Management Agency to U.S. Army Installation Management Command (throughout).

o Changes regional education advisors to Army Continuing Education System Region Chiefs (throughout).

o Makes additional rapid action revision changes (throughout).


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