AR 623–3

Evaluation Reporting System

This major revision, dated 5 June 2012–

o Authorizes the use of “P” for “promotable” for rating officials on noncommissioned officer evaluation reports, when applicable (para 2-11b).

o Mandates an “Annual” Army evaluation report for schools that are longer than 12 months in duration (para 3-14b).

o Provides new guidance on Army physical fitness test and height and weight entries on Army evaluation reports for military and institutional training courses (para 3-14c).

o Explains nonrated time considerations with regard to evaluation report processing and accounting for nonrated time in a Soldier’s evaluation report history, guidance regarding acceptable and unacceptable gaps in a Soldier’s rating history, and the issuance of nonrated time statements, when necessary (paras 3-33c through 3-33f).

o Requires full nine-digit social security numbers for the rated Soldier and the senior rater, as a minimum, for alternate submission of evaluations (para 3-33h).

o Changes the purpose and definition of code 10 (“Extended Annual” evaluation reports) and clarifies the appropriate use for this type of report (para 3-42 and fig 3-1).

o Authorizes code 04 (“Change of Duty” evaluation reports) for noncommissioned officers and eliminates “permanent change of station” as a reason for submission on officer evaluation reports (para 3-43).

o Clarifies evaluation reporting policy for new Judge Advocate General’s Corps officers (app D).

o Updates evaluation reporting policy for newly commissioned Army Medical Department officers (app E).

o Updates submission methods for all evaluation reports and makes electronic submission using the “My Forms” Portal (of the Forms Content Management Program) in Army Knowledge Online the Armywide standard  (throughout).

o Incorporates Army Directive 2011-16 changes (throughout).

o Makes administrative changes (throughout).

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