AR 638–2

Care and Disposition of Remains and Disposition of Personal Effects

This publication–

o Prescribes changed policy for the Casualty and Mortuary Affairs Open Allotment (paras 1-11 through 1-18).

o Revises policy for eligible decedents and scope of mortuary benefits (paras 2-1 through 2-21).

o Includes revised guidance regarding casket choice (para 4-12).

o Includes guidance for indefinite delivery-indefinite quantity requirements contracts (para 5-5).

o Includes guidance for visitation for group remains and group burials (para 10-8).

o Provides guidance for benefits when remains are nonrecovered (paras 14-1 through 14-4).

o Prescribes policy for the authority and responsibilities of the summary court martial officer (paras 18-1 through 18-10).


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