AR 672–20

Incentive Awards

This revision consolidates several interim changes and significantly reduces the regulation by removing all procedural material. Procedures to implement policy contained in this regulation are published separately in DA Pam 672-20.

Specifically, this revision–

o Deletes instructions for the annual Incentive Awards Report (chap 1).

o Deletes all references to the Army Suggestion Program (chap 2).

o Deletes Presidential and Department of Defense awards.

o Expands eligibility of NAF employees and indirect- hire foreign national employees for Honorary Awards (chap 2).

o Clarifies Commander’s responsibility for considering current or past charges and findings of discrimination (chap 2).

o Includes information on the Time Off Award (chap 4).

o Deletes detailed instructions on the preparation and processing of nominations (chap 8).

o Deletes the following reports: OPM Form 1465 (Requirements Control Symbol (RCS) 1059-OPM-AN (Incentive Awards Program Annual Report) and DD Form 1609 (RCS DD-M(A)-1345) (Incentive Awards Program Annual Report).

Change 1–

o Implements the new Armed Forces Civilian Service Medal (AFCSM), the new Award for Outstanding in the Army Senior Executive Service, and the new Secretary of the Army Public Service Award, DA Form 7402.


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