AR 70–1

Army Acquisition Policy

This administrative revision, dated 26 April 2012–

o Updates definition of nonmajor instrumentation projects for testing from under $1 million per year or under $5 million over the life of the project to under $1.5 million per year or under $7.5 million over the life of the project (para 2-41p).

This major revision, dated 22 July 2011–

o Updates responsibilities for several leaders (chap 2).

o Adds requirements for item-unique identification (paras 2-2v, 2-3ab, 2-6ae, 2-29u, 4-7b(3)(p), 6-15, and terms).

o Updates Army recapitalization program policy (para 3-6).

o Adds Army prototyping and competition requirements (para 4-2).

o Changes “Supportability Strategy” to “Life Cycle Sustainment Plan” and associated requirements (para 4-7).

o Corrects reference to “Army Executive Agent for Insensitive Munitions” terminology to read “Army lead agent for insensitive munitions (ASA (ALT) (SAAL-ZS))” (para 6-14b).

o Adds requirements for the Army’s Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software Solutions program (para 7-20).

o Updates information on the Army Systems Acquisition Review Council and the Army Overarching Integrated Product Team (para 8-1).

o Adds briefing requirements regarding program termination costs (para 8-1g).

o Adds policy guidance on Army Configuration Steering Boards (para 8-2).

o Moves type classification information and adds a policy reference (para 8-3).

o Updates the purpose and requirement for materiel release (para 8-5c).

o Replaces the software blocking paragraph (para 8-6).

o Adds unmanned ground systems acquisition policy (para 8-12).

o Updates responsibilities for the Chemical and Biological Defense Program (para 8-16).

o Combines acquisition, logistics, and technology workforce updates (chap 9).

o Adds acquisition-related policy issuances (app B).

o Implements revisions to DODI 5000.02 and removes Horizontal Technology Integration program information (throughout).

o Makes other administrative changes (throughout).


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