AR 70–62

Airworthiness Qualification of Aircraft Systems

This major revision, dated 21 May 2007–

o Changes the title of the publication by removing the words U.S. Army.

o Incorporates unmanned aircraft systems into the airworthiness processes and procedures throughout.

o Adds the term “Maintenance Engineering Call” to include the policy and procedures throughout.

o Deletes the term “Contractor Flight Release” throughout.

o Deletes the term “Interim Statement of Airworthiness Qualification” throughout.

o Provides policy provisions for those Army aviators operating other than U.S. Army aircraft (para 2-1).

o Revises Airworthiness requirements for clarity (para 2-1j).

o Revises Airworthiness release information for clarity and organization and deletes reference to the United States Army Aviation and Missile Command (chap 1 and para 3-7).

o Updates appendix B to show airworthiness process elements.

o Redefines the term “Aircraft system” to include unmanned aircraft systems (glossary).

o Defines the term “engineering cognizance” (glossary).


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