AR 700–101/AFI 63–110(I)/NAVFACINST 4120.12/MCO 11310.8C/DLAI 4120.16

Joint Operating Procedures Management and Standardization of Mobile Electric Power Generating Sources

Specifically, this revision dated 2 September 2003-

o Implements the Automatic Identification Technology Policy as it pertains to joint operating procedures management and standarization of mobile electric power generating sources.

o Substitutes the new Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) designation of DLAI 4120.16 for the previous designation of DLAI 4120.11.

o Removes all references to MIL-STD-93 and MIL-STD-93(13) (paras 5-2, 5-3, and 5-4)

The revision dated 29 November 1999 is a major revision of this Joint Operating Procedure (JOP), and changes have been made throughout. Policies and procedures for management of Mobile Electric Power Generating Sources (MEPGS) have been clarified and simplified as appropriate for a JOP. Major changes are:

o The consolidation of AR 700-72 Mobile Electric Power (MEP), and AFR 400-49, Mobile Electric Power.

o The new Air Force designation of AFJI 63-110 to replace previous designation of AFR 400-50.

o The new Navy designation of NAVFACINST 4120.12 to replace previous designation of NAVMATINST 4120.100A.

o The new Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) designation of DLAI 4120.11 to replace previous designation of DLAR 4120.7.

o Research, Development, and Engineering topics have been integrated into Program Management (new chapter 3, paragraphs 3-3 through 3-9).

o Integrated Logistics Support Plan (ILSP) has been replaced by the current term Supportability Strategy (chapter 4, section IV, paragraphs 4-15 through 4-19).

o Chapter 5 (Program Management) is realigned as chapter 3, and chapter 6 (Configuration/Data Management) is realigned as chapter 5.

o The following topics have been deleted:

o Repair Expenditure Limits (former section V, chapter 4)

o Maintenance Reconditioning Standards (former section VI, chapter 4)

o Depot Maintenance (former section VIII, chapter 4)

o Funding for Multi-Year Cancellation Costs (former section V, chapter 5)

o The following appendices have been deleted:

o C. Instructions for Preparation of Integrated Logistics Support Plans (ILSPs)

o D. Procedures for Print Order Processing

o E. Depot-Level Maintenance Assignments – DOD Standard Family of MEPGS

o F. Flow Process Chart

o The former appendix A (Sample: Request for Deviation – Special Purpose Mobile Electric Power Generating Sources) was renamed as appendix C (Request for Deviation).

o A new appendix A (References) was added, and the glossary was updated.

o Appendix B was renamed as Primary Inventory Control Activity (PICA), Primary Provisioning Agent (PPA), and Configuration Management (CM) Assignments for First and Second-Generation DOD Standard Family of MEPGS.

o A new appendix D (Management Control Evaluation) was added.

o An index of topics was added.


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