AR 700–127

Integrated Logistics Support

This rapid action revision, dated 26 March 2012–

o Implements the outcome of the 2009 analysis of alternatives logistics policy study (paras 2-12 and 3-4).

o Incorporates the roles and responsibilities of the product support manager as defined in the FY10 National Defense Authorization Act, Section 805 (paras 2-12, 2-13, and 5-7).

o Implements policies from DODI 5000.67 (paras 2-12, 2-13, 5-22, and table 3-1).

o Implements policies from DODI 4151.22 (paras 2-12, 5-13, and 5-14).

o Updates responsibilities for the Army Integrated Logistics Support Executive Committee (para 2-19).

o Incorporates the latest updates to DODD 5000.01 and DODI 5000.02, including the incorporation of the life cycle sustainment plan (para 5-1).

o Updates condition based maintenance plus definition (para 5-14).

o Updates the logistics demonstrations policy extensively (para 5-16).

o Makes additional rapid action revision changes (title page: updated applicability statement and updated Army internal control process statement; updated figure 3-1; capitalized Warfighter throughout; changed supportability strategy to life cycle sustainment plan throughout; changed combat developer to capability developer throughout; changed integrated logistic support to integrated logistics support throughout).

o Makes administrative changes (app A: modified numbers to DODD 5000.01 and DODI 5000.02; corrected title to AR 11-2; added AR 700-18, DODI 4151.22, DODI  5000.67, PL 105-270, 31 USC 501; removed -R from DA Form 11-2 and updated title in referenced forms; added DA Form 5666 and DA Form 5680 in referenced forms; glossary: deleted unused acronyms and corrected abbreviations as prescribed by Army Records Management and Declassification Agency).

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