AR 700–18

Provisioning of U.S. Army Equipment

This major revision, dated 20 September 2009–

o Assigns integrated logistics support managers responsibility for provisioning planning and activity oversight (para 1-4d).

o Requires provisioning personnel and materiel managers to be members of the weapons system integrated product team (para 1-4d(1)).

o States that selected essential-item stockage for availability method is the Department of Defense standard for requirements determination for spare and repair parts below depot level (para 1-5e).

o Introduces the performance-based logistics concept as a guideline for initial provisioning (para 2-1a).

o Brings provisioning into line with acquisition reform (para 2-1b).

o Provides time frames for provisioning task (para 2-2).

o Introduces logistics management information and the use of Government Electronics & Information Technology Association Standard 0007 language in the provisioning process and standard for provisioning data elements (para 2-2b(4)).

o Emphasizes that spares in production is a method of acquiring spare parts but is not a requirements determination. Indefinite delivery and indefinite quantify contracts are the preferred technique for procuring initial spares (para 2-3a(2)(b)).

o Introduces transition from the Commodity Command Standard System to Logistics Modernization Program and replaces logistic intelligence file with logistics information (para 2-4e(5)).

o Introduces PowerLOG-J for entry, edit, reporting, and managing provisioning data (para 3-3c).

o Requires project managers/total life cycle system managers to procure sufficient data to use the selected essential item stockage for availability method (para 5-2b).


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