AR 71–32

Force Development and Documentation

This major revision, dated 1 July 2013–

o Changes the title of the publication from Force Management to Force Development and Documentation (cover).

o Introduces the Force Development Process (para 1-5).

o Explains the Force Management System and incorporates the Force Management System Web site as the Army’s official repository of organizational requirements and authorization documentation as well as other force development information (para 1-6).

o Explains the Army Organizational Life Cycle Model (para 1-12).

o Explains the force integration functional areas (para 1-13).

o Integrates Army force generation into force development (para 1-14).

o Establishes Deputy Chief of Staff, G-8’s role in basis of issue plan development (para 2-11).

o Establishes responsibilities for commanders of Army commands, Army service component commands, and direct reporting units (para 2-24).

o Explains the Force Development Process and its five phases–develop capabilities, design organizations, develop organizational models, determine organizational authorizations, and document organizational authorizations (chap 3).

o Establishes force design update-junior policy (para 5-1).

o Changes policy on table of organization and equipment cyclic reviews from every three years to five years (para 5-3).

o Establishes policy on the letter of exception (para 7-3d(11)).

o Updates force management documentation processes and systems (chap 8).

o Changes approval authority for document changes (app E).

o Adds internal control evaluation (app G).

o Deletes reference to and requirement for the Equipment Survey Program.

o Deletes Level C (Cadre) as well as Level 2 and numerically higher tables of organization and equipment.

o Makes administrative changes (throughout).


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