AR 725–1

Special Authorization and Procedures for Issues, Sales, and Loans

This revision dated 17 October 2003–

o Incorporates automatic identification technology policy into this regulation (paras 2-11 and 5-4).

o Provides definitions for automatic identification technology and automated information systems (glossary).

o Deletes obsolete references and corrects internal references.

This revision dated 21 January 2003–

o Provides regulatory guidance on the sale of non-excess personal property and the use of the proceeds to acquire replacement items (chap 7).

o Updates appendix A, sections I and II.

o Adds checklist for conducting management control reviews on the sale of nonexcess personal property (app B).

o Updates glossary, sections I and II.

This revision dated 1 February 2002–

o Updates organizational names throughout.

o Updates organizational and packaging references and responsibilities for chronometers (chap 2).

o Deletes Section III, Loan of Army, DLA, or GSA Owned Property for Use at National and State Conventions (chap 4).

o Deletes references to sales of weapons to individuals and the role of the Director of Civilian Marksmanship (para 5-5a).

o Adds information on the Civilian Marksmanship Program (para 5-5a).

o Adds information on Sales to State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies (chap 5, paras 5-15 through 5-17).

o Deletes chapter 7, Reporting Intra-Service Movement of Special and Source (SS) Nuclear Materiel, in its entirety.

o Rescinds DA Form 3535 (Weapons Sales Record).


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