AR 725–50

Requisitioning, Receipt, and Issue System

This revision–

o Adds DICs DLS, DLT, DLU, DLV, DLW, and DLX to provide specific management data to the GIM on logistic reassignments (paras 5-66, E-267.1 thru E-267.6; tables E-285. 1 thru E-285.14; app G).

o Adds manual procedures to match exception data for part numbered requisitions to an existing NSN and to assure requisitions are not cancelled if advice code 2A is present (para 4-16.1).

o Changes the dollar value criteria for reporting GSA stocked items for return and clarifies policy so items can only be reported if no current or future agency requirements are anticipated (para 7-29).

o Adds requirement for the Army network stations to furnish the Army Central Service Point an alternate POC (para 9-7).

o Adds DIC AP8 so DAAS can automatically respond to the source of supply on MOVs for units that are unable to do so themselves (paras 3-89.1, 4-26.1 and E-28.1; table E-30.1).

o Updates projects codes (tables C-26 and C-27).

o Adds DIC BMB so FMS customers can transmit publication data to USASAC and adds requirement for DAAS to pass DIC BMB data to USASAC when a ’B’ resides in rp 30 (para 14-16, E-158.1;tables C-3 and E-153.1).

o Updates policy on logistic reassignments (para 5-64.1).

o Adds advice codes 3C thru 3J and policy in the requisitioning of DPSC-medical materiel when the newest materiel is required (table C-29).

o Modifies the materiel returns program (paras 7-13,7-15, 7-18, 7-23, and 7-23.1).

o Adds requirement for unclassified parcel post/small parcel delivery service packages to be either insured, certified, or registered without a NOA and for all FMS shipments to be traceable to a specific shipment regardless of  shipment size, weight, or value(para 11-39).

o Expands TCN field in materiel release confirmations, shipment status documents, and materiel returns program document to 17 positions (tables E-35  and E-316).

o Changes blocks N and R of the DD Form 1348-1 from optional entries to mandatory entries to force the entry of the controlled inventory item code in block N and the shelf life code in block R (para B-3; table B-1).

o Establishes purpose code ’N’ to hold excess Defense assets for potential FMS (table C-60).

o Establishes transportation bill codes for use by Defense Financial and Accounting Service in billing FMS customers for below-the-line transportation costs (para C-43.1;table C-67.1).

o Adds new condition code of ’W’ and establishes the requirement to reclassify assets to condition code ’W’ when the discrepant materiel is reparable and under warranty (paras 5-31, 5-44, 5-45, 7-3).

o Provides for inclusion of a three-digit code in MILSTRIP documents for subsistence items, permitting Inventory Control Point direction of issues by date packed/expiration date within supply condition code (para C-18.1; table C-34.1).

o Clarifies the entries required on shipment status and materiel release confirmation transactions when the shipment is made with a small package carrier (para 3-75).

o Adds procedures for expedited transportation signal designation ’777’ (para 2-4, 2-10, 2-11,3-48.1, 4-8, 4-9, 4-38; tables 2-1,2-2, 4-1).

o Provides for differentiating between a Foreign Military Sales Order (FMSO) I requisition and a FMSO II requisition and adds six new CLSSA codes (A-F) and three new status codes (CT, DC, and DD) (paras 11-35, C-18; tables C-31, and C- 34).

o Deletes DIC BBZ, BCB, BED, BPD, and BZA (table C-3).

o Improves controls for moving materiel to the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Offices (paras 8-4, 8-5,8-6, 8-7, 8-8, 8-12, 8-13, 8-14,8-15, and 8-15.1).

o Modifies procedures for requesting FMP weapon system project codes (para 1-18f).

o Adds procedures for submitting follow-ups to obtain the DODAAC of the initial transportation shipping activity for tracing shipments under MILSTAMP (paras 4-50, 4-55, 4-60,4-63, E-19, E-33, tables E-20, E-35).

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