AR 740–26

Physical Inventory Control

This major revision, dated 22 February 2013–

o Transfers responsibility for the Principle Inventory Coordinator’s Directory from the U.S. Army Logistics Support Activity to Headquarters, U.S. Army Materiel Command (para 1-4a(10) and 1-5a(12)).

o Requires life cycle management commands to route all requests for storage activity inventories and stockage level queries through the appropriate accountable property officer (para 1-5b(8)).

o Moves annual storage activity versus life cycle management command inventory reconciliations from January to the fourth quarter of each fiscal year (para 1-5e(2)).

o Requires usage of inventory adjustment and accounting error classification codes (para 1-5e(3)(c) and app F).

o Re-emphasizes the life cycle management commands’ responsibility to complete life cycle management command versus storage activity reconciliations daily (para 1-5f).

o Requires storage activities to compile and report causative research results quarterly (para 2-10a).

o Allows storage activity complete annual physical inventories to be used as an alternative to statistical sampling inventories (para 3-1d).

o Adjusts annual timeframes for inter-Service/agency location reconciliations (para 4-2c).

o Re-emphasizes that requests for storage activity inventory management activity and data must be routed through the appropriate life cycle management command property accountability officer (para 5-1e).

o Clarifies the minimum research requirement for potential or actual physical inventory adjustments (table F-1).

o Identifies status of legacy document identifier codes in the Logistics Modernization Program (table H-1).

o Makes administrative changes (throughout).


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