AR 750–43

Army Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment

This rapid action revision dated 3 November 2006–

o Aligns responsibilities with assignment of military calibration teams to MACOMs (chap 3)

o Provides general administrative fixes (throughout).

This major revision, dated 14 December 2004–

o Formalizes policy for development and maintenance of calibration standards to provide direct measurement traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

o Realigns responsibilities to the correct staff agency, command, and activity (chap 2).

o Revises the test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment management structure (chap 3).

o Streamlines test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment acquisition considerations and waiver process to complement Department of Defense acquisition policy (chap 4).

o Updates test program set policy and management procedures (chap 5).

o Updates Army test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment calibration and repair support program (chap 6).

o Establishes policy on embedded diagnostics, prognostics, interactive electronic technical manuals, and associated information (chap 7).

o Begins implementation of Department of Defense policy on condition-based maintenance-plus through establishment of policy on embedded diagnostics, embedded prognostics, and interactive electronic technical manuals (chap 7).

o Revises DA Form 4062.


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