AR 95–1

Flight Regulations

This administrative revision, dated 12 November 2008–

o Adjusts the applicability statement to read as originally approved by the proponent (title page).

o Makes administrative changes (throughout).

This major revision, dated 31 October 2008–

o Incorporates Office of the General Counsel’s interpretation of Section 203, Title 18, United States Code, and Section 205, Title 18, United States Code, prohibiting officers, when in the employment of a government contractor, from serving as crewmember while on terminal leave (para 2-3e).

o Aligns domicile to duty requirements with DOD and other Services allowing domicile to duty transportation on Army aircraft under certain conditions (para 3-6b).

o Incorporates previous Extended Range Fuel System safety messages: CDRAMCOM 051340Z Jan 00, HQDA 122047Z Sep 03, and CDRAMCOM 241724Z Jun 04, but leaves Safety of Flight messages AH-64-98-01 and UH-60-98-01 in effect (para 3-14a).

o Establishes December 2010 as the cut off date for the use of non-crashworthy non-ballistically tolerant Extended Range Fuel System (para 3-14e).

o Clarifies the requirement that “simulator only” trainers and evaluators must be evaluated annually by trainers or evaluators who are current in the respective aircraft type (para 4-5d).

o Establishes a requirement for commands with simulators to develop and implement standardization programs covering instructor/operator responsibilities, qualifications, knowledge, training, and proficiency (para 4-11).

o Rewrites pilot requirements to clarify category requirements and where commanders may fly aircraft they are not qualified in and allows them to approve their battalion and brigade standardization instructor pilots to do the same (para 4-21).

o Adds the requirement for the Aviation Resource Management Survey, and for aviation standardization officers to meet annually to discuss results of the survey (paras 4-36 and 4-37).

o Adds the requirement to develop or adopt an Aviation Resource Management Survey checklist (para 4-38).

o Recognizes rapid fielding of modern equipment and allows the Program Executive Office–Aviation, in coordination with the Aviation Engineering Directorate to substitute advanced replacement equipment for the items listed within table 5-2 under certain conditions (para 5-2g(3)).


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