AR 95–2

Airspace, Airfields/Heliports, Flight Activities, Air Traffic Control, and Navigational Aids

This rapid action revision, dated 16 October 2008–

o Adds responsibilities for the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (para 1-11).

o Adds responsibilities for the Chief of Engineers (para 1-12).

o Provides Department of the Army representative guidance on unmanned aircraft systems certificate of authorization requests (para 5-6).

o Redefines navigational aid procurement procedures (para 9-2a).

o Redefines air traffic control facility request procedures (para 9-7).

o Adds Army airfield and heliport categories (para 13-10, table 13-1, table 13-2).

o Redefines tactical air traffic control ratings (para 15-1h).

o Changes executive agent to responsible official (throughout).

o Changes reference to air traffic services (ATS) to air traffic control (ATC) (throughout).


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