AR 95–23

Unmanned Aircraft System Flight Regulations

This rapid action revision, dated 2 July 2010–

o Authorizes warrant officers to perform payload operator duties on a limited basis (para 2-1g(3)).

o Lists new authorized duty symbols for logging flying time (paras 2-5a(1) through 2-5a(6)).

o Provides information on seat position (para 2-5d).

o Redefines mission approval process (para 2-12b).

o Establishes currency requirements in accordance with the appropriate aircrew training manual (para 4-15a).

o Redefines the duties of the aircraft operator (4-19).

o Changes mission commander to mission coordinator (para 4-21).

o Adds crew chief duties (para 4-25).

o Adds ground observer duties (para 4-27).

o Adds Aviation Resource Management Survey (para 4-29).

o Adds Army Command, Army Service Component Command, Direct Reporting Unit, and National Guard Bureau Army Aviation Standardization Committees (para 4-30).

o Adds U.S. Army Aviation Senior Leaders Conference (para 4-31).

o Adds U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence and Fort Rucker (para 4-32).

o Adds flight data recorder policy and/or procedures (para 5-1f).

o Adds instrument flight rule requirements (5-2g).

o Changes weight and balance information (chap 7).

o Adds Nonstandard Unmanned Aircraft Systems (chap 8).

o Changes the use of DA Form 7525 to DA Form 5484 (app B).

o Changes the name of appendix C from Manned Unmanned Teaming to Levels of Interoperability (app C).

o Establishes regulatory guidance for Small Unmanned Aircraft System operations (app D).

o Makes additional rapid action revision changes (chaps 1, 3, and 6).

o Makes administrative changes (throughout).


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