Army Regulation 735–5

AR 735–5

Property Accountability Policies

This administrative revision, dated 13 May 2013-

  • Updates the supplementation and suggested improvements paragraphs (title
  • page).
  • This major revision, dated 10 May 2013-
  • Changes the title from Policies and Procedures for Property Accountability tProperty Accountability Policies (cover).
  • Elaborates on property accountability when Army property is in the possession of contractors and contractor acquired property (para 2-5f).
  • Decreases the dollar threshold for accountability from $1,000 t$500 for cellular phones and pagers tbe assigned responsibility as durable property. Items over $500 will be accounted for on property books (para 7-4g).
  • Adds accountability policy for information management processing equipment such as, computers, laptops, monitors, and printers (para 7-4h).
  • Increases the dollar value in the definition of expendable property from $300 t$500 (para 7-6).
  • Increases the dollar value in the definition of expendable items fabricated for exclusive use by U.S. Army Joint Munitions Command from $2,500 t$5,000 (para 7-6g(2)).
  • Adds process taccount for equipment lost by contractor (para 13-2).
  • Adds new DD Form 200 which illustrates drop down boxes and added pages (figs 13-1 and 13-2).
  • Changes the allowable loss of bulk petroleum from $500 t$1,000 (para 13- 3a(5) and table 12-2).
  • Adds Soldier refusal tsign a DD Form 362 as a requirement tinitiate and process a DD Form 200 (para 13-3a(16)).
  • Specifies the completion procedures for a DD Form 200, blocks 4-8 when more than one item is lost, damaged, or destroyed (para 13-10b(1)).
  • Adds requirement for the assignment of an inquiry and/or investigation number ta DD Form 200 prior tthe accountable officer assigning a document number (para 13-13).
  • Changes the grade of an approving authority from O-5 and/or GS-14 tO-6 and/ or GS-15 in a supervisory position and requires the approving authority tbe a general officer or senior executive service when the final loss is $100,000 or greater or is a controlled item (paras 13-17a(3) and 13-17b).
  • Adds the assignment of inquiry and/or investigation number on DD Form 200, block 2 prior treceiving a document number (para 13-20a(5)).
  • Defines requirements for the approving authority once a DD Form 200 is initiated against a contractor (para 13-20c).
  • Elaborates on use of AR 15-6 investigation, controlled inventory item code of 1-6, 8, 9, N, P, Q, R, night vision devices, and navigation systems (para 13- 25a(4)).
  • Adds email Army Knowledge Online notification (time constraint period) as a viable means tnotify individuals when a financial liability officer finds an individual liable (para 13-35b(4)).
  • Adds requirement when units inactivate all property must be cleared within 90 days after the officially published inactivation date (para 14-3b).
  • Defines the process of a DD Form 200 through the contracting officer and their actions when it involves contractor loss (para 14-13).

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